MR Adam Bialostocki
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon
MBChB FRACS (Plastics)


Mr Bialostocki performs the following procedures. Often, patients feel sure they have identified the procedure they need however, after a consultation with their Plastic Surgeon, realise they may need a different – and sometimes less extensive – procedure to achieve their anticipated outcome.

Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck

The removal of unwanted folds of skin and fat on the abdomen area, due to weight loss. The operation is performed under General Anaesthetic and requires a 1-2 night stay in hospital. 

ACC surgery

Deals with injuries through some kind of external force, or ‘treatment injuries’ which have occurred due to a necessary medical procedure. Patients must have a valid claim number prior to consultation with Mr Bialostocki.

Appearance medicine (Botox® and dermal fillers; *Botulinum (type A) prescription medicine)

Enjoy the subtle use of carefully selected, non-permanent injectable treatments to the face, restoring volume and softening fine lines.

Breast augmentation

Your preferred breast size and shape is very personal. An augmentation can increase the size and alter the shape of your breasts, using recognised and carefully chosen brands of implants.

Breast reduction, breast lift(mastopexy)

Gravity or weight loss, breast-feeding or a combination can lead to breasts which droop. A variety of techniques are used to regain shape, and combat the effects of gravity, sometimes also involving reduction or enhancement.

Blepharoplasty, eyelid rejuvenation

Another common plastic surgery operation, where the loose fold of drooping skin can be removed to make eyes look fresher & rejuvenated, and bags below the eye can be tightened to reduce the ‘tired’ appearance.

Breast reconstruction

There are many techniques available for reconstruction of breast defects after surgery for breast cancer. The art is to choose the right technique for an individual woman, taking into account lifestyle, post-operative support and expectations, and also when the operation will be undertaken.

Browlift & mid-face rejuvenation

With time and age, the position of the eyebrow begins to drop which may cause the upper eyelids to look saggy. Rejuvenation of the upper face usually involves repositioning of the brow to a more aesthetic position, and the softening of horizontal brow lines.


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Ear Reduction (Setback Otoplasty)

Ears that stick out, are too big or uneven can be corrected by reshaping them to adjust the angle between the ears and the scalp. It is easier to perform in children, when cartilage is soft and easily molded, but can still be effective in teenagers and adults. Usually done under General Anaesthetic in children, but under Local Anaesthetic in adults, sometimes with sedation.

Gynaecomastia surgery

Increasingly popular, the reduction of male breast tissue can be as life changing for men as it is for women.

Hand surgery

A wide range of problems can occur in the hand and wrist, due to a variety of reasons, including trauma, malformations, disease or previous surgery. Plastic Surgeons have broad experience in dealing with such surgeries.


Enjoy the benefits of small amounts of Botulinum Toxin A (Botox ®) injected under the skin of the armpits to drastically reduce excess perspiration.

Liposuction, body contouring

This procedure is used for the localized areas of fat which individuals store differently, irrespective of their overall weight ratio. It is sometimes used in conjunction with abdominoplasty or breast reduction surgery.

Micro-fat grafting/ Lipo-modelling

Used in conjunction with every face lift Mr Bialostocki performs, fat-grafting is also a stand alone treatment, transferring fat from the patient’s own body, to add volume where necessary. 

Neck lift

A popular procedure, neck lifts can tighten loose skin, reduce jowls and help to define the jaw line.

Nipple-areola micro-pigmentation

Nipple tattooing is the final stage in the process of breast reconstruction, following mastectomy. This completes the process of recreating the most natural looking breasts and allows a woman to feel as much like herself as she did prior to her mastectomy.


People may be unhappy with the size or shape of their nose for a variety of reasons, both aesthetic and functional. Rhinoplasty can be life changing in both regards.

Skin cancer surgery

The detection and removal of skin cancers and follow up treatment where necessary. Enjoy the benefits of having a Plastic Surgeon involved for the most aesthetic outcome.

Skin checks

With frightening incidences of skin cancer in NZ, it is no surprise that over 50% of Mr Bialostocki’s work deals with the detection, removal and treatment of skin cancers to the face and body.